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Last summer (2019) I was looking for a villa in Ibiza to stay for 1 week with my family. I found this nice looking website on google with good prices and availability. I contacted them right away and after a few days of being in contact with them I decided to pay £ 2,500 by bank transfer. After two weeks, I tried to contact them again but the website was offline and their phone number was disconnected. A simple google search revealed the villa I booked had a different owner and the price was 2 x higher. The company I rented from was gone! A few weeks back I was looking for another vacation and noticed so many scam websites online and I decided to create this blog and post them here and hopefully other people don’t lose their money like I did.

For scam websites with UK registered address please report to ActionFraud (UK).

For scam websites with US registered address please report to DOJ (US).

For scam websites with EU registered address please report to Europol (EU).

IMPORTANT: The websites listed below are 100% fraudulent. These companies don’t exist or the scammers are using real companies without their approval. They will always have the best rentals available and the best prices. DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY OR YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

Lists of Scam Website:

URL Date Added

Still Online 01/11/2022 YES 20/10/2022 YES 18/10/2022 YES 18/10/2022 YES 23/09/2022 YES 23/09/2022 YES 01/08/2022 YES 14/07/2022 YES 13/07/2022 YES 12/07/2022 YES 06/07/2022 YES 04/07/2022 YES 01/07/2022 YES 23/06/2022 YES 13/06/2022 YES 08/06/2022 NO 08/06/2022 YES 30/05/2022 NO 30/05/2022 YES 18/05/2022 NO 15/04/2022 NO 12/04/2022 NO 24/03/2022 NO 24/03/2022 NO 25/02/2022 YES 24/02/2022 YES 23/02/2022 NO 23/02/2022 YES 15/10/2021 NO 15/10/2021 NO 15/10/2021 NO 28/07/2021 NO 02/07/2021 NO 24/06/2021 NO 04/05/2021 NO 16/08/2020 NO 16/08/2020 NO 29/07/2020 NO 29/07/2020 NO 27/07/2020 NO 17/06/2020 NO 12/06/2020 NO 12/06/2020 NO 11/06/2020 NO 06/03/2020 NO 28/02/2020 NO 28/02/2020 NO 27/02/2020 NO 24/02/2020 NO 20/02/2020 NO 14/02/2020 NO 15/02/2020 NO 16/02/2020 NO 16/02/2020 NO 17/02/2020 NO

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