How to Check the Ibiza Villa Rental Company’s Legitimacy? How to Avoid Ibiza Villa Scams?

Along with the invent of technological advancements, online frauds/scams have increased gradually as well. We often come to listen to online scams either it is online commercial deals or any booking prospects. Vacation rental scams are too, in the trend to deceive gullible people, who are lesser careful with regard to the internet dealings. In the same fashion, Ibiza villa rental scams also have occupied the space in recent years and thrived dramatically.

Accordingly, checking, if an Ibiza villa rental company is safer or not, has become prominently important. Ibiza is one of the most-visited tourist hubs in the world and attracts all kinds of folks thoroughly. Enthusiasts from across the world visit this harmonious place to craft their holidays in a fascinating way. With a population of only around 50,000 (in 2018), Ibiza is considered among the top-end holiday-visiting stations to impart love, peace and calmness to the tourists.

There is also an adverse side of the picture. During the last few years, cases have been boosted up significantly of Ibiza villa rental frauds. Numerous fake websites and property owners are striving to entrap visitors online. Whenever you search the web to find the best and affordable holiday packages, you are likely at the threat of swindle. People will lesser knowledge of the prospect are easy prey for the fraudsters.

Hence, it is a severe topic that needs to explain comprehensively so as to alert you of the red flags. Consequently, we have managed to deliver you some measures that you can follow while dealing with any Ibiza villa rental company. You must check the legitimacy of the Ibiza villa rental company before making any kind of payment.

Following are some measures you can consider:

The Company Must be a Member of Ibiza Villa Association

Undoubtedly, this is the first and foremost factor you need to keep in mind while selecting the authorized Ibiza villa rentals. The company you are thinking of dealing with must have registered with the Ibiza Villa Association. In short, it stands for AVAT – Asociación de Viviendas Turísticas Vacacionales.

If it is a genuine entity, it will display the AVAT logo on each page of its online platform. This logo will ensure the company to be not only insured and legal but also committed to serving visitors with high-end services. Therefore, check for the logo to know the authentication of the service provider.

Verify the Important Numbers

Secondly, visitors can do check and verify certain numbers before proceeding further. Every genuine and authenticated villa rental company boasts a ‘Central de Reservas’ and a ‘Comercializador de Estancias Turisticas’ number. Similarly, it is also required by law to mention these numbers on the company’s business website. It ultimately clears the way for you to trust a particular firm or not. If you don’t find any such number on the website, be cautious of a scam. Apparently, the company without a license number is unauthorized and operating illegally.

Check the Company’s Existence with the Town Hall

Next, users can further investigate about the company’s legitimacy by calling to the Tourist Department of the Ibiza Town Hall. It will let you confirm whether the company is properly registered with the respective department or not.

Don’t you know Spanish? No worry at all. Each department usually has someone to communicate with the English-speaking audience. Hence, you can inquest everything doubtful on your mind before stepping ahead to finalize the agreement. Moreover, you can visit the official website of the tourist department (Consell de Ibiza) or send an email to the officials.

Do Some Online Research

This is another effective medium available at your convenience. Just sit before your PC and conduct some online research for a particular company. You can search for the company’s name, phone number, email ids, address, and other property-related credentials.

However, you can check the Ibiza villa rental company’s legitimacy by probing the ad description texts into online software. It will check whether the placard content is copied or fresh. If you find similar information on any other webpage, it is a sign of a scam, and you should let the unscrupulous go away.

Bottom Line

In the verdict of the text guide, we hope you will get to know the facts what you hope for. It is vital, too, with respect to the security and safety of visitors. No doubt, internet technologies have transformed our lives from each corner, it also has led to threats and swindles, on the other hand.

When it comes to booking Ibiza villa rentals, you can’t just proceed without verifying the company’s status, authentication and legal registration etc. Make sure at least to follow the strategies mentioned above to check for the Ibiza villa rental company’s legitimacy and genuineness. Otherwise, it becomes quite tough to know whether the company is safe to use or not.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in your purpose, and you will find a joyful way to celebrate your vacations. Beware of scammers and be on the safer side by performing some checks before the upfront payment.